lig·nin   ˈliGnən/

The structure of plants



we transform landscapes

Lignin collaborates with clients to imagine, design and build comprehensive landscapes.  Our work is tailored to lifestyle; we extend usable outdoor space through terrace and garden into the surrounding landscape.   Our vision and willingness to take on bold transformation is informed by experience. Our knowledge and feeling for plant materials, understanding of masonry, wood and metal, and sensitivity for seasonality and weathering mean that Lignin landscapes endure and improve over time. 

We are a family-owned business operated by father and son.  From an early age, Mark instilled in Blake a love of plants and a knowledge of construction materials and superior craftsmanship.  Blake applied this experience to his studies in earning a Master of Landscape Architecture from the City College of New York, adding technical and design skills.  Blake and Mark launched Lignin to offer their combined sensibilities and craftsmanship under one roof. 


We are a construction company affiliated with a design company.  Our clients value the oversight of landscape architects who bring professional expertise onto the job site.  We design both on site and on the page; our staff produces plans and images that illustrate our landscapes for clients, assuring satisfaction.


Our landscape crew has developed hands on expertise after many years of working closely with company owners on a variety of job sites.  All our gardeners and contractors share an innate respect for plants and materials.  Our collaboration over time means that our installations are efficient, precise and harmonious